Flood & Water Damage Restoration

What if I just let the effected area dry on it’s own?

The secondary damages caused by doing nothing include the high potential for the growth of hazardous mold and harmful bacterias, cupping of hardwood floors requiring costly replacement, warping of structural elements creating potentially dangerous conditions, and stained carpeting causing linering unpleasant odors.

How much is this problem going to cost me?

If you have insurance for this type of loss, it will only cost you the amount of your deductable to file a claim. Keep in mind that not filing a claim and doing nothing will probably cost you much more in unknown damages or health issues later down the road.  If money is tight, we can discuss direct financing. We can help you manage insurance claims directly with your insurance provider.

How can I be sure the insurance company will pay?

It is important to your insurance provider that the conditions be documented and that the restoration is done in accordance with predetermined standards.  We know how to handle all of the necessary paperwork and get the job done right so there is no issues with closing the claim.  In fact, we can probably get the claim closed much more quickly then most others!

Does my family have to leave while my home is being dried?

Depending on the type of event, it is not always the case that you have to vacate the property. The safety of the occupants in your property is a primary concern and we will make sure they are protected. Just to be sure we typically use botanical antimicrobial disinfectants in all affected areas that are safe to you and inhibit the growth of fungi and bacterias.  Directed Heat Drying systems do raise the ambient temperature of the contained areas of damage and are automatically controlled.  We will do everything we can to keep your property as comfortable as possible during this situation.

Do you have to remove walls and flooring?

If we arrive to do our work within 24 hours of the damage event, we can usually save the walls (drywall and plaster) and flooring (carpet, hardwood, tile, and some vinyls).  Our philosophy is to only do what needs to be done, and we look to do the least intrusive drying method first which creates less disruption, costs less, and takes less time.

What if the walls and flooring need to be replaced?

If it is determined that the walls or flooring need to be replaced we will carefully remove the affected material and have it professionally replaced to like new condition.  We never demo and just leave it for others to finish, we take care of you throughout the whole restoration and reconstruction process.

Can my hardwood floor be saved?

The chances are better if the Dry Right, LLC restoration team can get there within 24 hours and you have solid hardwood, it can often be saved!  It is sometimes neccesary to have it sanded and refinished, but not always.  The quicker it is dried the less likely refinishing is needed.

If I have wet carpet can it be saved?

Again, if we arrive within 24 hours of the water damage event, we can save both the carpet and the pad.  However if the pad has a moisture barrier it will need to be replaced as it is a barrier to the extraction process.  The carpet will be sprayed with a botanical antimicrobial that is nontoxic, safe for your family and pets and kills bacteria and mold spores with 99.99% effectiveness.

Can water damage be prevented?

May of the causes of water damage can be prevented.  Whether it’s replacing that old hot water heater before it blows up or making sure small leaks don’t become large water disasters.  We are more than happy to come to your property and scan with a non-itrusive infered to spot leaks and visually inspect appliances.