Frozen Pipe Water Damage In Denver Metro

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Frozen Pipe Water Damage In Denver Metro

Frozen Pipe Water Damage In Denver Metro:

There is nothing worse than going downstairs after a cold snap and finding water in the basement. There are a few different reasons why you may be experiencing this issue. Possible reasons range from the easy, and cheap to fix, to the difficult, and very expensive to fix. With a little bit of investigation, you will be able to hopefully pinpoint the cause of the water in the basement. If it is an emergency, don’t delay, call for help right away.

The first, and simplest, possibility is to check to see if any basement windows have been left open or cracked. If they have been, then this could be the source of your water. Even if the windows might be closed, they still might be the source of the water. It is possible for the areas around the windows to have been filled with debris causing the rain or snow to not drain properly and pool at the windows. If this is the case then cleaning the area around the windows will solve the problem.

If you have checked the easy sources of water and they are all fine, it is time to start digging deeper. The next step will be to check any plumbing you have in your basement. Make sure to check any bathrooms or sink areas to see if the water is coming from them. If it has been cold recently you may have a burst water pipe causing the water in the basement. Repairs will depend on where the pipe has burst and whether or not you can access the area to repair it.

The worse case scenario is if you find water seeping in from your floor. If this is the case, then more than likely you will need professional help to correct the cause of your water in the basement. When the foundation of your house is involved, you will want to have a licensed and insured contractor make all the repairs. Be sure to receive multiple bids from different contractors and contact any references that they may give you.

As you can see, there are many possible causes of water in the basement. These causes range from being as simple as leaving a window open to as complex as having the foundation of your house involved. No matter what the cause repairs will need to be made before more damage can occur. Make sure that if you hire a professional that you thoroughly review their credentials and any work references that they can give you.
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