Denver Water Damage Tips-Part 1

Flood & Water Damage Restoration

Denver Water Damage Tips-Part 1

Denver Water Damage Tips from Rick VanNatta.

Dry Right wants to provide you with important tips to keep you dry all year round.

Here are 3 New Water Damage Prevention Tips:

1. Do you and the other family members know where the water shut off is to the house and how it works? This is the quickest way to shut down a leak and limit the amount of damage to your house and treasures.

2. Winter is here and you can expect a below 0 night. The tip of the day is Open the door to the sink cabinets to let the warmth of the house help to keep the pipes warm. Also you may let the faucet drip and this helps to keep the pipes from freezing and bursting.

3. This fall and Winter in the Denver metro area has been extremely dry. To help your trees and shrubs from dying. it would be wise to give them a drink. Also don’t forget the grass on a nice warm day. Oh yea, don’t forget to remove the hose from the hose bib. You know the pipe may freeze and flood the basement come spring.

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